Award Winning Student at Genesee Community College Aiming for an Animation Career

Award Winning Student at Genesee Community College Aiming for an Animation Career

Genesee Community College student, Joshua Farnsworth was recently awarded a scholarship from the Rochester Audio Visual Association (RAVA), one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the nation. The scholarship was designed to help offset tuition costs for media students with exemplary talent, and involved the creation of an original animated film short for submittal to and review by RAVA. Farnsworth’s animated short, entitled The Lunacy Warrior was just under five minutes long when he completed it, yet it took him nearly four months and over 600 hours to create.

From the creation of the original storyline, the development of the storyboard, and every minute of computer design time–using state-of-the-art programs such as Flash, Director, Maya 6 and Adobe’s Premier and Liquid, Farnsworth’s dedication to the film-making industry illustrates his impressive command and passion for animation art and science.  

As a student in Barry Chow’s 3D Animation class, Farnsworth was the first Genesee student to finish a full animated movie. By the time he completes his academic studies at Genesee Community College in May 2007, Joshua will have earned three diplomas—an AAS in Multimedia, an AAS in Digital Art and a certificate in Web Design. 

“He personifies a real drive towards his work, and demonstrates a love of what he does” instructor Chow said. 

Animation and sketching is something Farnsworth has always been interested in, and he can recall being inspired by Walt Disney and his movies as far back as when he was four years old. Now he’s pursuing a career and nurturing the passion for something he loves. “My father always said that I should make sure I do something I love so I actually look forward to work in the morning,” Farnsworth recalls.

He will be utilizing the Walt Disney World internship opportunity that Genesee offers in spring of 2007 to further his experience and career aspirations. While many of the students doing internships at Disney are in the Tourism and Hospitality Management program, Farnsworth hopes to parlay his time working in general operations in the Magic Kingdom for a chance to meet some of the professional, full-time animators. This spring, he hopes to get a view of what happens behind the scenes and what Disney has to offer. He will be attending the mandatory meeting for Genesee students interested in the Walt Disney World College Program on Wednesday, October 25 at 1:00 PM in room T102 at the Batavia Campus. To be eligible for this, students must have completed 24 credit hours by the end of the fall 2006 semester and be in good academic standing.

For further information about the Disney internship program, contact the Career and Transfer Center at 343-0055 Ext. 6417 or visit online at

After his Disney internship, Joshua Farnsworth plans to remain in central Florida, and continue developing his animation skills as a part-time student at the Full Sail School of Film, Art, Design, Music and Media Production located in Winter Park, Florida.

Though this prestigious school is known for its cutting edge work, Joshua will miss one important facet of his efforts here in Genesee County—allowing his enthusiastic, five-year old brother to review his animation projects and act as his number one test subject. Joshua’s newest animation project is about a Hippo, and is designed with young children in mind. To cultivate his creative process, Joshua seeks out important feedback about his work, and young Jacob Farnsworth usually has a lot to offer his big brother.

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