Rapunzel Takes the Stage This Friday With the Summer Youth Theatre Camp

Rapunzel Takes the Stage This Friday With the Summer Youth Theatre Camp
The Fine and Performing Arts Department at Genesee Community College are pleased to announce two shows of the final Summer Youth Theatre Camp performance of “Rapunzel” this Friday, July 28, 2006 at 2:00 and 7:00 PM in the Stuart Steiner Theatre. The public is invited to attend and the performances are free of charge.

The two-week Summer Youth Theatre Camp has been underway since Monday, July 17th and has involved 25 young people ages 9 through 13. Under the leadership of Maryanne Arena, director of Fine and Performing Arts, the group has been meeting five hours each day to learn the fundamentals of theatre – from acting and audition techniques, to voice articulation, movement, dance and improvisation. The aspiring young actors and theatre enthusiasts have been receiving a comprehensive introduction into all aspects of theatre.

Program participants, including their home towns and cast assignments, are listed in alphabetical order by their last name:
Trey N. Abdella of Batavia – Prince Lewellyn
Alyssa J. Baiocco of Batavia – Glumpwart #6
Timothy J. Barbato of Holley – Prince Markie
Jenna E. Brown of Byron - Rapunzel
Lisle A. Coleman of LeRoy – Rapunzel
Kasey D. Edgerton of Oakfield - Parsley
Claire B. Gardner of Varysburg – Glumpwart #4
Margaret I. Gayford of Warsaw - Tyme
M. Caroline (Cara) George of Cowlesville - Queen
Kaitlyn A. Hamiton of Kent – Glumpwart #1
Emily H. Hendrickson of LeRoy – Sir Squashley
Gretel Kauffman of Elba - Renee Schwartzbuckle
Daniel W. King-Sobresky of Batavia – Prince Bumpus
Chelsea T. Kuhn of Churchville – Glumpwart #7 and Cram
Sarah N. Lawson of E. Bethany – Sir Nauseum
Christina S. Mortellaro of Batavia – Rosemary
Riley R. Norton of Batavia - Nort
Danielle L. Quinn of Batavia – Spam
Bryce B. Rogers of Batavia - Sam
Alea M. Reynolds of Lakeville – Glumpwart #2
Kiersten A. Richenberg of Byron – Glumpwart #3
K. Abigail Saville of Pavilion – Glumpwart #3b
Emily A. Schubert of Hilton – Glumpwart #5
Paul A. Stoddard of Perry - King
Jonathan Trembley of Albion - Walt Schwartzbuckle

“I have never seen children work so hard to put on a show in two weeks,” Ms. Arena said. “They have done everything asked of them and I couldn’t be happier.”   

In addition to the children participants, the Summer Youth Theatre Camp has also involved a number of Genesee Community College’s Theatre majors who have been contributing as counselors and instructor aids. Among the additional supporters are: Jason Beideck who is also the Box Office Manager and he is playing the role of Witch Izwitch; Cassandra Scheck, Peter Zimmer, Makiko Iwami, Ayako Ibaraki, Shunichi Kamiyama, and Ruth Strezewicz.

Rapunzel is a children’s fairy tale complete with a castle, tower, a greedy mother, glumpwarts, a prince, and of course, a nasty witch.

For further information, please contact Genesee’s Fine and Performing Arts department at 345-6814.