The BEST Center Expands Online Career Opportunities

In response to overwhelming interest in online training courses, The BEST Center of Genesee Community College is pleased to announce an entirely new segment of online training programs in healthcare, business, and technical careers such as medical transcription, advanced hospital coding, website and web database development, or as a certified business manager.

The new noncredit online training courses are provided through a partnership between The BEST Center and Gatlin Education Services. The programs are designed for individuals looking to switch career paths, obtain advanced training and certification, or for first-time job seekers who seek specialized training. The courses are all self-paced and students are paired with a personal instructor. Online training courses take an average of three to six months to complete.

Employment information released by the New York State Department of Labor finds that many popular occupations are expected to experience significant growth through 2010, including those in the 'hot trend' areas of medical assistants, computer support, medical records and health information administration, and pharmacy technicians.

According to the statistics mentioned above, medical assistants are expected to experience 53.3 percent growth; an increase of 11,430 jobs. Dental assistant positions are expected to expand by 27.1 percent, while medical records and health information administration should open 37.3 percent. Computer support positions will grow the fastest, by 44.6 percent. Pharmacy technicians will benefit from a 24.4 percent increase.

Job seekers can explore these career opportunities and be trained in many occupations by taking any one of the more than 35 online courses offered through The BEST Center. A partial listing of course offerings follows:

Healthcare Profession:•Medical Transcription•Administrative Medical Specialist•Pharmacy Technician•Administrative Dental Assistant•Advanced Hospital Coding•Veterinary Assistant•Human Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Business Profession:•Certified Bookkeeper•Certified Business Manager•MBA Prep•Records Management•eBusiness•Corporate Governance and Ethics

Technical Careers:•AutoCAD 2005•Digital Arts Certificate •Webmaster•Graphic Design

"These new noncredit courses provide another excellent vehicle for anyone to kick-start a career in a wide range of industries-many of which are undergoing significant employment growth," Lina LaMattina, Director of The BEST Center said. "Additionally, the self-paced nature of the coursework gives a current employee ample opportunity to brush up on skills or earn certification that will enable his or her career advancement."

The BEST Center, an acronym for Business and Employee Skills Training, is the workforce development division of Genesee Community College. While offering state-of-the-art conference facilities for both large meetings and small intimate groups, The BEST Center also tracks and promotes business development in Genesee, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming counties. Training, workshops, seminars and consulting services are available on campus, on-location, and online. Programs can be tailor-made to specific goals, and The BEST Center continuously offers a variety of seminars to enhance computer, management, leadership and industry-specific skills.

Providing education on the web since 1994, Gatlin Education Services (GES) is the largest provider of asynchronous web-based, instructor-supported training to colleges and universities. GES are designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional caliber positions for many in-demand occupations.

For program and course descriptions, go to For enrollment information, contact The BEST Center at 585-345-6868.