January 10 Open House and the Early Registration Deadline at Genesee Community College

Genesee Community College is pleased to announce an Open House January 10, 2006 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at all six campus locations. As the College concludes the designated December Enrollment Express Month, it hopes to continue to help students of all ages and interests to make the most of their New Year by streamlining the application, enrollment, and class registration processes. Enhanced customer services have been developed for both online and in-person registration alternatives.

January 10th is also the early registration deadline, which is several weeks earlier than usual. The new deadline was prompted by Genesee's fast growth, and will enable the College to better serve students who wish to attend classes during the spring semester. Although class registration will still be accepted through January 17, the start date for spring classes, late-registering students usually have fewer classes to choose from and may not obtain their preferred schedules.

"We want to encourage all area residents to register before January 10th," Dr. Virginia Taylor, Genesee's dean of Enrollment Management said. "Early registration is one of the ways we provide top-notch service to students, and help ensure that students receive the classes and schedules they want."

As one of the fastest growing community colleges in the nation, Genesee Community College is continuing its innovative efforts to streamline the application and enrollment process for new students, as well as returning students who are registering for classes. "We realize that most students have other obligations to consider with their course schedules," Dr. Taylor, added. "Whether it is a part-time or full-time job, childcare, or even elder care-this time of year can be stressful. We have tried to simplify registration to allow students-new or returning-to sign up for their classes as easily as possible. Those with computers and access to our website can do it all online and never even come in to one of our six campuses."

Among the online services that are now available (without incurring any fees) through the College's award-winning website are:

•Apply for enrollment•Register for classes•Apply for financial aid •Pay bills or invoices with a credit card •Obtain grades and other class information with access to individual student accounts•Order text books for most courses

To aid in the efficiency of applying for college for the first time, new students should bring the following information:

•A copy of their high school diploma or the equivalent, such as GED information. •Information about any previously taken SAT or ACT test scores. Students who have never taken these college entrance examinations shouldn't worry. Genesee Community College readily administers the Compass (placement) test, which takes under two hours to complete. This service is completely free. •Applying for financial aid requires information from the student's most recent Federal Tax return, or their parent's tax return if they are not emancipated. •Bringing a Social Security card and picture identification is advantageous, and any academic transcripts from prior college experience is also helpful.

Genesee Community College's record breaking enrollment growth is attributable, in part, to the institution's attention to customer service and its accessibility. Enrollment Express is available at each of the six campus locations in Albion, Arcade, Batavia, Dansville, Lakeview and Warsaw, and College staff is available to help walk students through each step of the application process if necessary. The other factors contributing to the College's enrollment growth include affordable tuition, academic excellence, small class sizes with world-class instructors, and career-oriented programs.

"Across the nation, community colleges are being recognized as the viable first step to a rewarding career," Rick Ensman, director of Development and External Affairs at Genesee Community College said. "Community Colleges are continuing to serve a wider, more diverse population base."

Ensman added that for some, college might seem intimidating and beyond their means. Yet these students quickly realize they can achieve their career aspirations through their local community college. In addition, there are other students who see community college as a solid first step toward earning their bachelor's or higher degree, while also minimizing their student loan debt.

"Genesee Community College, with its Open Enrollment policy and 'Enrollment Express Month' and Open House, is happy to serve all students with their varied academic backgrounds, career goals, and financial means. This is, in fact, a central tenet to our mission."

The six campus locations for Genesee Community College are as follows: Arcade, 25 Edward Street585-492-5265; Batavia, One College Road, 585-345-6800; Dansville, 9221 Robert Hart Drive, 585-335-7820; Lakeville, 5999 Big Tree Road, 585-346-5070; Orleans, 456 West Ave., Albion585-589-4936; Warsaw; 115 Linwood Avenue, 585-786-3010.