Genesee Community Colleges Expands Business Programs with New Accounting Transfer Degree

Recognizing the growing need for accountants, auditors and certified public accountants who have earned their bachelor's degrees, Genesee Community College has introduced a new Associate in Science Accounting degree that will provide students with formal transfer opportunities to upper division colleges and universities. The new program is consistent with the College's overall mission to help students attain their educational and career goals, and also promote local workforce and economic development.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, job growth in accounting and auditing professions will increase from 10 to 20 percent through the year 2012 with a bachelor's degree required for most entry-level positions. The increase is due, in part, to the growing number of businesses, continuous changes in financial laws and regulations, and tighter scrutiny of company finances. In addition, attrition or replacing retiring accountants and auditors and those who transfer to other occupations is cited as another cause for job growth in the accounting profession.

Genesee's Accounting A.S. degree requires students to complete 63 credits including six courses in the Accounting major. In addition to Accounting I and II, students take Microcomputer Applications, Business Law I and II, and Intermediate Accounting, as well as a full complement of general studies coursework to ensure competency in communication, math, English, history and a foreign language.

"The new Accounting A.S. degree rounds out the College's overall business and commerce cluster of programs which now includes 12 academic degrees or certificates," Michael Stoll, dean of Math and Sciences said. "We feel that no matter what area of business a person finds interesting and regardless of his or her individual career aspirations-we have a program that will put them on the right path toward achieving their goals."

The complete line-up of Genesee Community College's 12 business degrees includes:

•Accounting - AAS, AS, and Certificate •Business Administration - AAS, AS•Customer Relationship Management - AAS•Entrepreneurship - AAS and certificate•Fashion Merchandising Management - AAS•Hospitality Management - Certificate•Sales and Customer Service - Certificate•Tourism and Hospitality Management - AAS

The breadth and diversity of the these programs reflects Genesee's mission of meeting the changing needs of individuals and the community while providing educational experiences that not only promote intellectual growth but also workforce and economic development. Several of the programs have recently undergone title and curriculum changes to reflect the evolutionary aspects of each industry and the College's intent on remaining current with social and economic trends.

As an example, Genesee's former "Marketing" program assumed the new title of Customer Relationship Management and has expanded its focus to cover the global marketplace. While learning about the intense competition and opportunities that exist beyond national borders students are also given a broad business background and the specialized skills that businessmen and women adopt to develop and nurture important customer relationships-often with people from a different country, culture and language. Students can choose the 65 credit Customer Relationship Management Associate in Applied Science degree, or alternatively they may opt to explore the industry by working toward the one-year certificate in Sales and Customer Service.

Genesee also modified its Tourism and Hospitality Management program to address the global marketplace and industry trends. While the program previously featured two different associate in applied science degrees-Genesee recognized students would be better served by offering two programmatic tracks. Tourism Management students immerse themselves in world geography for the purpose of coordinating conferences and managing events; while Hospitality Management students explore the important aspects of managing a resort or hotel operation. Both tracks include meaningful hands-on learning opportunities with real-life experience in an off-campus internship. In addition, Genesee also offers the one-year Hospitality Management certificate for those interested in acquiring more immediate skills for an entry-level position in the multi-billion dollar hospitality industry.

From accounting to customer service, entrepreneurship to internships, professional staged Fashion Shows to field trips to New York City-Genesee's cluster of business and commerce degrees offer students of all ages and backgrounds an excellent opportunity to pursue dynamic careers and advanced degrees in hundreds of different business and commerce areas, positions, companies and industries. For further information, please call 585-343-0055 and contact one of the following faculty members:

- Accounting: Cheryl Corke ext. 6323- Business Administration /Customer Service Management /Entrepreneurship: Barbara Shine ext. 6319- Fashion Merchandising Management: Rick Dudkowski ext. 6390- Tourism and Hospitality Management: Amy Bowles ext. 6332

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