Genesee Community College Expands Second Session Courses for Distance Learning Students

While most people think college semesters begin during the traditional start-up time in late August or early September, Genesee Community College is pleased to announce a new segment of online, distance learning courses running from October 24 through December 12, 2005. These classes give students the chance to maximize their fall schedules and take advantage of the eight-week course time table.

"We find that some students, even those from other colleges, need an added general studies course to be able to graduate on time or want to lighten their spring semester course load by taking one more class in the fall," Robert Knipe, dean of distance learning technologies said. "Genesee's online courses offer convenience and flexibility of taking the class on your own schedule."

The online courses being offered in the "Mod II" or second session include: Western Art History 2 (ART 104-67H) Principles of Business (BUS 101-67H) Introduction to Computers (CIS 102-67H) Microcomputer Applications (CIS 116-67H) English Communications 1 (ENG 101-67H)Children's Literature (LIT 203-67H) Statistics (MAT 129-67H)General Psychology (PSY 101-67H)

For further information or to register, please go to: or call 585-345-6969.