Genesee Community College Honors Constitution Day

As part of a national effort to recognize, honor, and raise public and student awareness of the significance of the United States Constitution in American history, Genesee Community College will host a public forum and panel discussion on Thursday, September 22, 12:30-2:00 pm, in the Stuart Steiner Theater at the Batavia Campus.

A panel of local experts will discuss "Still Current: Today's Events and the US Constitution" led by Genesee County Court Judge Robert Noonan. Panelists will discuss and exemplify how the remarkable and resilient document known as the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments, still affects our daily lives as well as national events of significance.

Panelists scheduled to participate include:

•Hon. Robert Noonan, Genesee County Court Judge

•Paul Schulte, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Genesee Community College

•Lawrence Friedman, Genesee County District Attorney

•Gary Horton, Genesee County Public Defender

•Jerome Brewster, Genesee County Chief Deputy Sheriff

Topics may include issues and the process of U.S. Supreme Court judicial nominations; local and national issues of criminal prosecution, such as civil rights, victims' rights and the court process; "hot topics" in the news and how they're of Constitutional importance; and how the Constitution speaks to topics we see in the newspaper and hear in the media every day.

The Constitution Day program is being coordinated by a task force of Genesee Community College faculty including Robert Knipe, dean of Information Technology and Distance Learning; Karin Kovach-Allen, dean of Humanities, Garth Swanson, instructor of history; and Peter Soscia, associate dean of Dansville Campus Center.

"We are delighted that such well-known public officials from Genesee County are able to make Constitution Day a priority and are willing to dedicate their time and their expertise to this inaugural event honoring our nation's Constitution," Knipe said. "It will be quite an honor and an opportunity to have these important public figures on our campus."

There is no charge to attend the panel discussion. The public is invited, as are Genesee Community College students.