Genesee's Accelerated College Enrollment Programs to Offer 80+ College Courses to Area High School Students

Genesee Community College's Accelerated College Enrollment (ACE) programs will bring more than 80 college-level courses to area high school students this year, Kathryn C. Lopes, Associate Dean of ACE Programs, reported to the Board of Trustees Monday evening.

ACE is an umbrella program encompassing a variety of college initiatives serving high school students, including:

•Advanced Studies, which allows area high school students to participate in Genesee Community College courses in their own high schools, during the school day.

•College Tech Prep, which gives high school students the opportunity to prepare for high-demand careers. College Tech Prep includes four health academies and three legal academies co-sponsored with area boards of cooperative educational services.

•College Today, which gives area high school students the opportunity to participate in college classes at the Batavia Campus and the College's campus centers, usually at the beginning or the end of the day.

•Growing Aware, an innovative new program that exposes area high school students to the history of agriculture and the agriculture industry. The program includes interdisciplinary college-level courses.

This year, ACE will involve about 250 adjunct instructors and reach more than 2,000 students, Ms. Lopes said.

Genesee has been a national leader in providing college courses to high school students. Since Genesee's first advanced studies course in 1980 (Calculus, at Batavia High School), Genesee has given thousands of area high school students their first taste of college life. Because of their experience with Genesee, many area high school graduates have a "head start" on college even before they formally enroll in a college or university. Some participants have been able to enter college as sophomores, and a few area high school students have even earned degrees from Genesee before receiving their high school diplomas.

The growing number and variety of ACE programs and courses reflects Genesee's emphasis on early college preparation, Ms. Lopes said. "The world of Genesee Community College for high school students has grown over the years, not just in the number of students we serve, but in the way we serve them," she said.

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