Genesee Community College Math Club Hosts Poster Contest and Awards Prizes

The celebration of April being Mathematics Awareness Month culminated in a dynamic poster competition and exhibit at Genesee Community College in the William B. Stuart Forum. The event included an Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 7:00 PM in Room T119 of the College's Conable Technology Building.

The second annual Math Poster Contest was sponsored by Genesee's Math Club with the goal of inspiring an appreciation for mathematics at the middle school grade level where students often lack a positive impression about math. Such an attitude, unfortunately, can negatively impact their achievement levels. By diminishing the notion that math is punishment at the 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels, more students may eventually pursue degrees and even jobs that require mathematics-leading them to a wider range of career options.

Following the theme "Math is Power," contestants' posters were judged in four categories:

Overall Impact - eye-catching appeal and visual attractiveness

Clarity - message's demonstration of how math can be fun

Appropriateness - graphics for the message being conveyed

Creativity - how uniquely the theme "Math is Power" is illustrated

Thirty-one students entered the contest which was open to all middle school students (grades 6-8) in Genesee County.

Other activities sponsored by the Genesee Community College Math Club include the New York State Mathematics Association for Two-Year Colleges' Math Contest (NYSMATYC) which occurs each fall semester and spring semester. The Math Club hosts a pizza lunch for those who participate and distributes the awards and prizes for the NYSMATYC Math Contest at the same time. This year Math Club is planning an end-of-year trip to Toronto.

"Genesee's Math Club builds camaraderie among a wide range of students who are interested in both math and science," said Mary Knappen, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Genesee Community College. "This poster contest is their attempt to help encourage young people to think about Math in a more positive way and to take away any negative stigma the subject may have. So many rewarding careers have a foundation in mathematics that our students wanted to develop a favorable impression of math for middle school students."

For further information about Genesee's Math Club and its many programs, please contact either Mary Knappen or Phil Pickering, Genesee Community College Mathematics Professors at (585) 343-0055 (extensions 6382 or 6388, respectively) or email: or