Earth Day Events at Genesee Community College Open to the Public

The Earth Club of Genesee Community College has been working diligently to recognize the 35th Anniversary of Earth Day. On Thursday, April 21, 2005, at the Batavia Campus in the William W. Stuart Forum, the following activities involving different departments, friends of the College and the general public will be presented during "Common Hour" from 12:30 to 2:00 PM.

•A Recycled Art Contest celebrating the "Spirit of Earth Day" is being sponsored with prizes provided to the first, second and third place winners courtesy of ACE Hardware / Gui's Lumber and Batavia Wal-Mart. The contest is open to the public and "recycling artists" of all ages and persuasions. Each entry must include a minimum of 75% recycled materials to create the original artwork, which can be any one of the following categories with possible descriptions or themes:oArt for art's sake: "Pictures, collages, sculptures, paintings and collectibles" oUtilitarian art: "Something used and then creatively used again" oWearable art: "Just because it's worn doesn't mean it's worn out"oEdible or culinary art: "We are what we eat"

All entries must be submitted by Thursday, April 21 at 12:30 PM in the College's Forum and the winner will be announced at 1:45 PM the same day. There is no limit to the number of entries any one person may submit. For further information, call Donna Rae Sutherland at 343-0055 x6616.

•Genesee's adjunct instructor of Biology, Brendan McCabe, will share information about his ongoing study of the white throated sparrow. This migratory member of the sparrow family will be passing through this region in the next two to three weeks en route to its breeding grounds in New England and Canada. In finishing his Master's in Biological Sciences with SUNY Brockport, McCabe has been studying the behavioral differences between the white and tan striped morphs or versions of the bird.

•Under Instructor Maureen Leupold, students from Genesee's Principles of Biology classes have created special displays that will provide information about today's environmental challenges. The displays will reflect the broad spectrum of Genesee students and the community with varied subject matter focusing on Biology and Earth Day.

•Genesee's Rain Forest Club will present information about the upcoming 2006 Costa Rican excursion where students, faculty and any other interested participants are invited to travel the Central American country with Genesee Professor Bernie Marcus. Among the places visited are the La Selva Biological Research Station, where they will learn about indigenous people, plants and animals. Together, the group explores the vital contribution rain forests make to the world's ecosystems. Photographs and a video from prior trips to Costa Rica will also displayed.

•Learning the steps to make and manage a successful compost pile and tips for a flourishing garden will be presented by Irene Koubek, a volunteer from the Botanical Gardens in Lackawana. She will have a have a display of some of the Botanical Garden's exotic plant species.

•Peggy Grayson, the Recycling Administrator of the GLOW Region Solid Waste Management Committee will have a display illustrating the importance of recycling, and the many ways our community contributes to this vital component of the R-3 philosophy-Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

•A collection of books and magazines about the Earth and the environment is on display at Alfred O'Connell Library adjacent to the Forum.

Genesee Community College and the student Earth Club would like to thank ACE Hardware / Gui's Lumber and Batavia Wal-Mart for their support of the Earth Day celebration.

Genesee Community College's Earth Day Celebration includes refreshments such as delicious earthworms as a special treat honoring the 35th Anniversary of Earth Day!

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