Safety Awareness "Shines" at College Village with Support from Batavia Town Fire Department and Home Depot

In a collaborative effort with Home Depot, the Town of Batavia Volunteer Fire Department continued to show its proactive support for safety and security of students at Genesee Community College and College Village, the student housing complex located adjacent to the Batavia campus. Under the leadership of past and current fire chiefs Tim Yaeger and Paul Dibble respectively, the Fire Department and Home Depot teamed together to provide over 80 rechargeable flashlights to be in located in each apartment suite at College Village, which accommodates more than 275 students throughout the academic year.

The flashlight program adds another precautionary safety measure to College Village's Safety Program. Each rechargeable lamp will be permanently positioned in every apartment unit for students and emergency responders to use in emergency situations where a back-up lighting resource is necessary.

"We are always pleased and impressed by the support provided to College Village by the local Volunteer Fire Department," John Sisson, director of College Village said. "This project shows the very practical policies and procedures by which the department serves this community."

Home Depot and the Town of Batavia Volunteer Fire Department shared the cost of the flashlight investment which was estimated to be valued at over $500 in retail dollars.

"College Village and Genesee Community College are very grateful to the both organizations for their support," Sisson added.

Editor's note: A group photograph of the flashlight program promoters standing by a fire truck in front of College Village is available at the following Internet address:

Standing left to right are: Student Michael Carwardine; Town of Batavia Fire Chief Paul Dibble; College Village Director John Sisson; Student Resident Assistant Hazel Singleton; student Morghan Carr; student Chelsea McKinstray; Student Resident Assistant Yvon'ya Sizer; Student Resident Assistant Ashley Brinson; and student Sam Herrnecker.