Genesee County Chamber President Lauds College and The BEST Center

Genesee County Chamber of Commerce President Lynn Freeman thanked Genesee Community College's Board of Trustees for the College's involvement with the Chamber, and praised the College's efforts to serve local industry.

The BEST Center, Genesee Community College's division of workforce training, will receive the Chamber of Commerce's "Innovative Enterprise of the Year" award at the Chamber's annual dinner scheduled for April 16 at Batavia Downs. Many Genesee County Chamber of Commerce members use The BEST Center to train managers and employees, and Chamber members have been involved in the development of the College's training programs. "We had many candidates for this award," Mr. Freeman said. "But we wanted to recognize the College for closing the gap between the business community and the academic community."

One practical outgrowth of the College-Chamber partnership is the GAIN ("Genesee Affordable Information Network") program. A result of the recent College-Chamber E-Business Initiative, which provided Web development and training services to area business organizations, GAIN gives Chamber members easy-to-use tools that can help them design and launch their own web sites. "Many people who lead or manage small to mid-sized businesses are not familiar with Web technology, so the GAIN tools are causing quite a stir among many Chamber members, and even business people who do not belong to the Chamber," Dean Kozlowski said. "GAIN will give many businesses the technological firepower they need to put their businesses online and attract new customers, potentially from outside the area."

Mr. Freeman noted that Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Claudia Moore is an active member and officer of the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce. He also noted that Mr. Kozlowski is a member of the Chamber's Business Development Committee.

The College's partnership with the Chamber extends far beyond The BEST Center, Mr. Freeman noted. College faculty and staff members serve on Chamber of Commerce committees, Chamber members use the College's Career Center to recruit employees, and many Chamber members are active on the College's academic and program advisory councils. "This is one of my favorite partnerships," Mr. Freeman said. "It benefits everyone in this community."