Genesee Community College Kicks-Off RESPECT Campaign

The "Respect" Campaign, a new student initiative at Genesee Community College, will be officially introduced at a social gathering on Tuesday, March 22, 2005 from 12:45 to 2:00 PM in the cafeteria of the College's Batavia Campus. In addition to a live DJ and music, an ice cream social, raffles, and free giveaways, Tuesday's program will also reveal the results of the RESPECT motto and logo contest, with the winning design displayed and a prize awarded to the successful designer.

The RESPECT Campaign aims to promote and create a more respectful environment throughout the College and among all students, staff, and faculty. With a series of special events and opportunities for the entire College constituency, the many different cultures, races, religions, as well as the different genders and various levels of authority can build a dynamic rapport with one another.

"We hope to make a difference in enhancing an overall respectful atmosphere throughout the College community," said Ellen Brokaw, assistant director of Resident Life at College Village, one of the two organizations helping to launch the RESPECT Campaign. "By working together toward a common goal, people not only come to know and respect each other, but shared concerns about the environment, our local community, or world events tend to build bonds and even life-long friendships."

Genesee's Student Activities is the other planning organization. "We are very excited about this first event, and look forward to many future RESPECT activities," Joanna Barefoot, technical assistant of Student Activities said. "We believe this will become contagious and have a wide-reaching impact."

In the upcoming weeks, there will be other promotional events including a Community Service Day on Saturday, April 23, 2005 when students, faculty and staff will join forces to clean up the perimeter of College Road and possibly the College's Nature Trail. Students also hope to install a "Respect Wall" at College Village recognizing respectful behavior and allowing residents to publicly thank one another for any unusual acts of benevolence.

"The Respect Wall will promote positivity, and point out those random acts of kindness that are too often lost in the daily shuffle of a student's busy life," Ms. Brokaw added. "We have so many terrific people at Genesee that we'd like to pool their positive energy together for a greater common good."

Anyone interested in becoming involved are encouraged to call Ellen Brokaw at 343-0163 or Joanna Barefoot at 343-0055 x 6513. Volunteers and contributions from the general community are warmly welcomed.