Genesee Community College Board of Trustees Approves 32 Continuing Appointments

Genesee Community College's Board of Trustees approved 32 continuing faculty and staff appointments at its January Board meeting, held at the Batavia Campus, yesterday evening. Through this process, the Board grants four-year appointments to faculty and staff members who have demonstrated skill and expertise in their positions. Three faculty members receiving continuing appointments have served the College since 1968.

Twenty-two faculty and staff members received renewals of existing continuing appointments. They include Larry Barnes, Professor, Psychology; Julie Call, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Robert Cooper, Assistant Professor, Photography; Michael Crittenden, Professor, Physics; Priscilla DiRisio, Technical Specialist/Transfer Advisor; Mary Jo Dumuhosky, Technical Assistant/Academic Advisor; Donna Ehrhart, Professor, Business and Computer Information Systems; Elizabeth Geuss, Technical Assistant/Academic Advisor; Joy Green, Technical Assistant, Academic Advisor; Mary Hartman, Assistant Professor and Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Kathleen Kimber, Associate Professor, Spanish; Bruce Lindsey, Professor, Accounting; Bernard Marcus, Professor, Biology; Frank Mayo, Professor, Speech/Theatre; Leonard Nardone, Director, Health, Physical Education, Athletics; Mary Platt, Professor, Psychology; Jennifer Ross, Technical Assistant/Computer Services; Ronald Spiotta, Technical Assistant/Athletics; Pamela Swarts, Instructor, Digital Arts; Karen Taylor, Associate Professor, English/English as a Second Language; Nina Warren, Professor/ Librarian; and Jane Weston, Associate Professor, Biology.

Ten faculty and staff members received their first continuing appointment. Each of them has served Genesee for at least four years: Katherine Brown, Technical Specialist/Financial Aid; James Bucki, Director, Academic Computer Technology Programs; Ellen Della Penna, Technical Specialist/ Records Coordinator; Julie Jackson-Coe, Instructor, Reading; Nichola Lerczak, Instructor/Librarian; Roger Majeski, Athletic Admissions Coordinator/Volleyball Coach; Traci Phillips, Technical Specialist, Business Training; David Sink, Technical Assistant, Campus Center Associate; Emily Virkler, Technical Assistant/Admissions Advisor; and Kimberly Williams Assistive Learning Lab and Tutor Coordinator.

Professors Barnes, Lindsey, and Marcus have served as members of the faculty since 1968.