Genesee Community College Expands Dual Admissions Agreements

Administrators at Genesee Community College and D'Youville College in Buffalo signed another Dual Admissions / Cooperative Agreement expanding the opportunity of effectively transferring associate's degree credits earned at Genesee toward a bachelor's degree from D'Youville. The two colleges now share seven different cooperative degree agreements that allow students to earn their degrees with maximum efficiency.

The special transfer agreements enable full-time students to take advantage of unique opportunities and benefits such as concurrent application to both institutions, and recommended course selections that guarantee acceptance into the four-year program at D'Youville upon successful completion of Genesee's associate degree.

Through the Dual Admission agreements, students typically save thousands of dollars on their first two years of tuition, which at Genesee costs $110 per credit. In addition, if they choose to live at home they can also save on room and board.

"While escalating costs of college tuition is clearly one important benefit of Genesee's many Joint Admissions agreements, we find there are many other important advantages," said Priscilla DiRisio, Genesee's Transfer Coordinator, who has served the College in this capacity for over 15 years.

"By focusing the bachelor's degree right from the beginning and carefully planning the steps to get there?students typically take the right sequence of courses and won't lose credit hours by taking unnecessary classes. In addition, we find our dually enrolled students have a greater probability of completing their degrees."

Currently the two colleges share Dual Admissions Agreements for the following degree programs:

Liberal Arts: General Studies (AS) -> Dietetics (BS / MS)Liberal Art and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences (AS) -> English / Literature Concentration (BS)Liberal Art and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences (AS) -> English / Writing Concentration (BS)Liberal Art and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences (AS) -> History (BS)Liberal Art and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences (AS) -> Philosophy (BS)Liberal Art and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences (AS) -> Psychology (BS)Liberal Art and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences (AS) -> Sociology (BS)

"Agreements with Genesee Community College enhance programs at both colleges and offer students the opportunity to complete their education at less cost and to focus on their career path," says Ronald H. Dannecker, director of admissions at D'Youville. "We find the students from GCC well prepared and motivated to succeed."

Genesee Community College has Dual Admissions Agreements with over a dozen different institutions. For further information please contact Priscilla DiRisio at 585-343-0055 extension 6423 or go to: