Genesee's Language Lab Expands Learning Opportunities

Genesee Community College's Language Lab, now in its third year of operation, has significantly expanded learning opportunities for hundreds of Genesee students, Assistant Professor of English Karen Taylor reported to the Board of Trustees this evening. The Language Lab, housed at the Batavia Campus, provides state-of-the-art language instruction and practice tools for students. The Lab is used by students who wish to improve their reading and writing skills, students of Spanish and French, as well as by international students attempting to master the English language.

The Lab extends instruction beyond the classroom, Professor Taylor said. Students can use the Lab to complete homework assignments and projects, conduct vocabulary drills, and master grammatical and mechanical concepts. The Lab is equipped with computers, language skills software, and high speed Internet access. Most students use these technological tools when they visit the Lab.

"Technology is an extremely effective way to move vocabulary exercises outside of class time while giving the students instant feedback on their success," said Julie Jackson-Coe, Instructor of Reading. "The use of WebCt software lets students take various on-line vocabulary quizzes chosen from class words from anyplace at anytime. PowerPoint allows students to practice pronunciation of words in unison. On-line dictionaries and vocabulary-building web sites give students even more tools they can use to improve their skills."

Technology allows faculty members to integrate the study of foreign languages and specific academic disciplines, said Kathleen Kimber, Assistant Professor of Spanish. With the collaboration of other College staff members, Professor Kimber created an interdisciplinary on-line module called "Putting it in Context: Spanish and Criminal Investigation," that allows students to access video, audio, and interactive Web-based exercises to practice their language skills. This Web site is available to the general public as well as at the following website: College developed the Language Lab with the use of federal Title III grant funds. The grant, which also allowed the College to develop new technology tools in the Library and for distance learning, has been a resounding success, according to Marian Meyers, Assistant to the Title III Coordinator. "This grant has enabled Genesee to develop sophisticated technology-based instructional tools," she said. "It has helped Genesee continue to strengthen its reputation as a leader in educational technology." The grant ends this September.In other business this evening, the Board of Trustees:

•Promoted ten members of Genesee's faculty. Meredith Altman, Associate Professor of Mathematics, was named Professor. Kathleen Kimber, Assistant Professor of Spanish, was named Associate Professor. Ann Reid, Assistant Professor of Music, was named Associate Professor. Karen Taylor, Assistant Professor of English, was named Associate Professor. Marina Cappellino, Instructor of Information and Multimedia Technology, named Assistant Professor. Jean Chenu, Instructor of Business and Office Technology, was named Assistant Professor. Kristine Dassinger, Instructor of English, was named Assistant Professor. Mary Knappen, Instructor of Mathematics, was named Assistant Professor. Maureen Leupold, Instructor of Biology, was named Assistant Professor. Patricia Pierson Schwartz, Instructor of Sociology, was named Assistant Professor. Promotion to the ranks of assistant professor, associate professor, and professor require increasingly rigorous mastery of an academic discipline, as well as teaching and learning techniques. Promotion also requires increasingly high levels of service to the College and involvement in regional, state, and national activities.

•Approved the granting of 545 degrees and certificates this month, subject to students' satisfactory completion of their course requirements. Four students will receive the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree. Two hundred thirty-eight students will receive the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree. Two hundred fifty-three students will receive the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree. Fifty students will receive certificates. Commencement will be held May 23, at 1:00 p.m. in the Batavia Campus Gymnasium.

•Approved a three-year contract with AVI Foodsystems, Inc. for cafeteria operations, at the recommendation of a ten-member food service committee. AVI manages college and workplace food service operations throughout the northeastern United States. The committee's priority was to find food service vendors with a longstanding reputation for quality and service, said Trustee Marcia Noonan, one of the committee members. The contract is for three years, with an option to renew for two additional years.

•Heard President Stuart Steiner report that the Ways and Means Committee of the Genesee County Legislature, sponsor of the College, plans to consider the College's proposal for a 12,500 square foot student union at the Committee's May 19, 2004 meeting. The College needs the Legislature's approval before it can secure $800,000 in state funding commitments for the project. If approved the Legislature would contribute $400,000 toward the project, and the Genesee Community College Foundation would contribute the final $400,000.

•Heard Board Chairman Glenn R. Morton appoint Trustees Kenneth Dodd, Maureen Marshall, and Laurie Miller to serve as members of the Board of Trustees 2004 Nominating Committee. The Committee is responsible for nominating the board chair, vice-chair, and secretary for the 2004-2005 year. Trustee Dodd will chair the Committee.

•Heard President Stuart Steiner report that the College has appointed Dr. Tatiana Karmanova as Assistant Dean of Advanced Studies. Dr. Karmanova comes to Genesee from Missouri Southern State University where she serves as Associate Professor of Spanish and Russian. She holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Steiner also announced that Karl Shallowhorn will join the College's staff as Director of Advisement, Career/Transfer, Counseling and Evaluation. Mr. Shallowhorn currently serves as Coordinator of Transfer Services at Buffalo State College. He holds B.A. and M.S. degrees from the University at Buffalo. Dr. Steiner also announced that Jill Christiano of Batavia has been appointed Language Lab Coordinator. Ms. Christiano has been serving as a Language Lab Coordinator in the College's federally-funded Title III grant program. Ms. Christiano holds a B.A. degree from Marist College.

•Heard Dr. Steiner report that the College has received more than 1,000 registrations for summer courses, and that Summer 2004 enrollment should be on par with the record-breaking summer enrollment from 2003.

•Heard Dean of Enrollment Management Virginia Taylor report that as of April 29, 1,704 prospective students have applied for admission to full-time study for the Fall 2004 semester, up 6.3% from the 1,603 prospective students who had applied by April 29, 2003. Dr. Taylor also reported that the Admissions Office is piloting a new "Instant Admit" program at Attica High School, Batavia High School, Albion High School, and Warsaw High School this spring. This program gives students the opportunity to complete all their Genesee admissions requirements in one sitting at the high schools.