It's Genesee by a LAN-slide, says Top Computer Tech Students

With the Computer Technology program at Genesee Community College as his "server," Dan Campbell of Churchville has created a popular Local Area Network of fellow computer geeks.

By definition, a LAN is a group of computers and associated devices that share a common communications line or wireless link and typically share the resources of a single processor or server within a small geographic area (for example, within an office building).

Campbell, who graduated this month with a computer systems and network technology degree, worked hard at creating a human LAN - the Genesee Computer Technology Club (informally known as the "GCC Geeks").The Club is hosting GENCOM, an all-night LAN party from 8:00 PM June 2 to 12:00 noon June 3 at the college's Forum. Computer game tournaments will be the order of the day (and night). Campbell said he's inviting high school and college age students to participate.

The cost is $5 for Genesee students and $7 for others if paid before the event starts. The cost to those paying at the door is $7 and $10, respectively. Pizza and pop will be provided and numerous prizes, including computer motherboards and processors, will be awarded.

Campbell said he had no qualms about starting a Computer Technology Club or organizing the LAN party, considering the positive experience he has had as a Computer Technology student.

"The program is amazing. It covers every aspect that anyone could want to know in a two-year degree," said Campbell, who compiled a 3.97 grade point average at Genesee. "All the professors are great. If Mr. (James) Bucki senses someone slacking off, he always gives them the incentive to keep pushing."

Bucki is the program's senior director.

Campbell said he's has loved computers since the age of 5 or 6. "I remember we had an old DOS computer and I used to play games on that."

The son of Stewart and Bonnie Campbell, he was home-schooled beginning in grade three through his graduation from the Churchville-Chili school district. "Mom did most of the teaching and dad provided the administrative work."

At Genesee, Campbell said he took several extra courses and earned A's in all but one course. He served as president of the Computer Technology Club, which met every couple weeks last semester.

"We conducted computer repair clinics in the Forum," he said. "We worked on about eight computers (fixing them at no charge). Mostly professors brought their computers in. I think the students figured they could fix theirs."

As far as the June 2-3 LAN party is concerned, Campbell said contestants will play conquest/civilization and racing games. "Some of the games are violent, but no games exaggerate or overplay the violence. There are some military type games; nothing gory or targeting police officers."

He said he expects at least 50 students and their friends to attend. Those wishing to sign up for the event can call him at 293-2567 or e-mail him at Further information is also available at:

Campbell plans to enroll in the Applied Networking and Systems Administration program at Rochester Institute of Technology in the fall.

Please note: A photograph of Dan Campbell is available at the following internet address:

Photo caption: Dan Campbell, organizer of the GENCOM all-night LAN party sits with fellow student Ondeya Egling of Albion while using his wireless laptop computer in the Wolcott J. Humphrey III Student Union.