The Forum Players Ends Season with CLUE THE MUSICAL

The Forum Players, the student-based acting group at Genesee Community College will present Clue the Musical on April 20, 21, 22 at 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday, April 23 at 2 p.m. The musical is the final production for the Forum Players' 2005 - 2006 season.

The production, which is based upon the popular board game by Parker Brothers, is a non-stop musical comedy with all the familiar characters from the board game and takes place in the Boddy Manor. The first musical number, The Game not only introduces Mr. Boddy, played by Genesee Community College student Shunichi Kamiyama, but all the suspects are also introduced while playing a game of murder. One by one we learn how each character knows Mr. Boddy and has a possible motive to want him dead.

The musical then reveals more history about each character, beginning with Mrs. White, played by Jason Beideck and D. Lawrence. After a confrontation in the kitchen between Boddy and White, she tells the audience how she ended up in her current employment and how her Life is a Bowl of Pitts.

In the billiard room, Boddy and Mr. Green, played by Ryan Pickard, talk about a business deal that went awry. Colonel Mustard, played by Robert Reiss, and Mrs. Peacock, played by Karli Jones, battle it out in the ballroom, where they reveal a clue about their history and how they know each other. Mr. Green then meets up with Miss Scarlet, played by Nicole Guarino, in the lounge, where yet another clue is discovered about their history together. They also discuss how Everyday Devices could be used to murder Boddy. Next, in the library, Mrs. White has a semi-romantic encounter with Professor Plum, played by Joshua Lang. And, in the conservatory Mrs. Peacock tells of what life is like when you're Once a Widow. At the end of Act One, the suspects run through Corridors and Halls finally achieving the end result: The Murder of Mr. Boddy.

Act Two begins with the Detective, played by Darlene Duprat, who has been called in to solve the case. While each of the suspects claims to be innocent, they also inform her of what makes a good killer and how each of them is well qualified. The suspects quickly realize that She Hasn't Got a Clue.

The Detective returns and reports that she has found six weapons, one in each room. Each suspect reveals where and at what time they had certain weapons, which are Everyday Devices. The Detective then interrogates each suspect, beginning with Professor Plum, who uses Seduction Deduction and a tango to woo the Detective. The interrogation continues with Colonel Mustard, followed by Mr. Green, and concludes with the three women, all of whom wonder about their Foul Weather Friend. The Detective then states she knows the killer, and the suspects plead to the audience, Don't Blame Me. With The Final Clue, the Detective names the killer, and The Game has ended for now, until they decide to play it again.

The musical is unique in that audience participation is not only encouraged, but required. The audience of each show picks three cards in the three categories determining the outcome, and making 216 possible endings! And it is up to the actors to help the audience win the game. Therefore, each show has a different ending and a different murderer.

Clue the Musical is directed by Maryanne Arena, the director of Fine and Performing Arts at Genesee Community College. The complete cast of characters includes:

Mr. Boddy Shunichi Kamiyama of RochesterMrs. White Jason Beideck of Darien, and D. Lawrence of AkronMr. Green Ryan Pickard of LeRoyColonel Mustard Robert Reiss of ElbaMrs. PeacockKarli Jones of PembrokeMiss ScarletNicole Guarino of AldenProfessor PlumJoshua Lang of LeRoyThe DetectiveDarlene Duprat of Attica

The unique set for Clue the Musical looks like a board game with the six familiar rooms from the original game, and was designed by Maryanne Arena and Jaime M. Arena. The set was built by Bill Arena, who also designed and built the weapons which resemble those from the Parker Brothers board game. Technical direction was supervised by David Schuler, lighting design was done by Genesee Community College student Joel Norton, and costumes were designed by David Lawrence. The orchestra conduction and music director was Genesee Community College professor of music Ann Reid, with choreography by Patti Simmons, instructor of dance and movement at the College.

Tickets for Clue the Musical are available by calling the Arts Center Box Office at 585-345-6814. Tickets are $6.00 for adults, $3.00 for children under 18 and senior citizens, and $2.00 for Genesee students with a current ID.