"Kilbrannan," a local favorite for Celtic music takes the stage at the Stuart Steiner Theatre on Friday, March 26 at 7:00 PM for one show only. Their rollicking arrangements of old classics as well as captivating originals have created a large and loyal following across the Northeast.

Kilbrannan, a local favorite for Celtic music
Kilbrannan, a local favorite for Celtic music

Formed six and a half years ago by performers from diverse musical backgrounds, Kilbrannan performs a seamless fusion of traditional and contemporary music. Their live shows blend traditional Celtic styles with modern rock, folk, country, and a good deal of theatrical comedy, giving their fans ample opportunity to get involved, from cued lyric shouting to impromptu stunts. Lead singer / songwriter Kirk McWhorter, who also plays whistles and percussion, admits that, "basically, our motto is, 'leave everything at the door, come on in and have a good time." Guitarist Tim Leonard agrees, adding, "We have a fun-loving crowd that latches onto what we do on stage." The band is comprised of McWhorter, Leonard, Paul Runfola on guitars and vocals, Glenn Bernardis on bass, fretless bass, and vocals with occasional help from bagpiper Rob Greenwalt. Kilbrannan's sound is traditional but heavy. "People have told us that they've watched us live for 45 minutes before they realized we don't have a drummer," McWhorter confides. The band has played dozens of regional festivals and area clubs, gaining fans as they go. Their ability to modernize traditional numbers without losing the heart of the subject matter and maintain traditional harmonies keeps the purists happy but satisfies the younger crowd as well.

Marcia Morrison, Director of Fine and Performing Arts at Genesee Community College considers herself a loyal Kilbrannan fan. "I don't know how many times I've seen Kilbrannan, and every time I find it difficult to either stay seated or stay still. I remember when I was leaving Nova Scotia, I played their "Farewell to Nova Scotia" over and over again on my car CD player. Three of my friends stood there in the parking lot of the hotel singing along with me and Kilbrannan until we were asked, ever so politely, to stop making so much noise. I say, 'bring on the Celtic music and magic!' The acoustics of the Stuart Steiner Theatre will embrace them!"

Tickets are on sale now at the Genesee Center for the Arts Box Office. Call 585-345-6814 for further information or to make reservations. All reserved tickets must be picked up 24 hours before the show.