National Magazine Highlights Technology Innovations at Genesee Community College

Genesee Community College's technological leadership was featured in the recent edition of Community College Journal, a national magazine produced bi-monthly by the American Association of Community Colleges. "Smart Ways to Fund High Tech" was the cover story of the October-November Journal, and an article authored by Genesee Community College President Stuart Steiner appeared on pages 10-12. Dr. Steiner discusses Genesee's technological advancements and the hard work and processes that enabled the institution's high-tech progress.

Genesee students and the local community enjoy cutting-edge technology and access to new dynamic learning methodologies, such as online and distance learning courses. In addition, the Batavia campus offers 22 "smart" classrooms, state-of-the-art lecture halls, 15 computer labs including special 3-D graphic and animation systems, an impressive library renovation that utilizes new Aleph management system, and the 45,000 square foot Conable Technology Building was completed in 2000.

Dr. Steiner highlighted three key strategies that allowed Genesee Community College to effectively address technological needs and develop the appropriate funding to support new initiatives and investments. First, the College tactically merged the academic and administrative technology requirements into a single plan, thus enhancing the decision-making process and saving both time and money. Second, Genesee continues its 25-year history of successfully outsourcing much of the College's technology training and maintenance with SCT, which also helps plan and implement new applications. "Team leaders from SCT serve alongside our faculty and staff to determine our technology needs and wants and then seek cost-effective ways to meet those needs, both with SCT products, and non-SCT products," Dr. Steiner, President of Genesee Community College said in his article. "The outsourcing arrangement is pivotal to providing the college with reliable, skilled talent and expertise on site at an affordable cost."

The third element to Genesee's successful technology plan has been to aggressively pursue grants from a wide range of sources that support technological innovation and initiatives. The result of this effort has been several million dollars in grants, including major Title III grants supporting online expansion of library services and the creation of distance learning classrooms at Genesee's Campus Centers in neighboring rural communities.

"Convergent planning and administration, outsourcing, providing annual funding in our operating budget and securing grants will all remain important strategies for our continuing success," Dr. Steiner concluded in his "Smart Ways to Fund High Tech" article.

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