1 in 4 Area High School Graduates Pick Genesee

Genesee Community College was the choice of one in four 2003 high school graduates in the Genesee-Livingston-Orleans-Wyoming region, the Board of Trustees learned yesterday. Of the 1,949 students who had reported firm college plans prior to graduation, 468 attended Genesee, Dr. Julie Meyer Rao, Director of Institutional Research said. In Genesee County, 250 of 684 college-bound students attended Genesee - 36.5% of these students. The data was compiled from reports filed with area high schools for transmittal to the New York State Education Department.These figures will likely grow during the Spring 2004 semester when many students who originally selected out-of-area colleges decide to return home and enroll at Genesee.Genesee's popularity with the region's students is due to the location of the Batavia Campus and the five campus centers, affordability, the wide variety of programs offered, and the quality of education, said Dr. Larene Hoelcle, Vice President for Human Resources and Planning. "Today, community colleges are the top higher education choice for a growing number of students," she said. "Students and families recognize the value of small classes and personal attention that are characteristic of so many community colleges. In our case, we have attracted many students because of the state-of-the-art technology available at Genesee as well."Other enrollment results:•In Livingston County, 46 of 518 college-bound students (or 8.9%) selected Genesee.•In Orleans County, 83 of 413 college-bound students (or 20.1%) selected Genesee.•In Wyoming County, 89 of 334 college-bound students (or 26.6%) selected Genesee.Genesee also attracts many students from the Pioneer School District. Although centered in Cattaraugus County, the district includes the village of Arcade where Genesee Community College at Arcade is located. Fifty one of the 158 college-bound students (32.3%) in the Pioneer School District selected Genesee as their college of choice.