Fine and Performing Arts Scholarships Available at Genesee

Scholarships for promising fine and performing arts students are available for the 2003-2004 academic year at Genesee Community College, Marcia K. Morrison, Director of Fine and Performing Arts announced today.

The scholarships are made available through the College's Special Talent Award Program for fine arts students, and can range from $100 to full tuition, and are granted on the basis of past artistic work, academic achievement, and potential in one or more artistic fields. Students complete an application form and submit samples of their work through a portfolio or an audition which will be reviewed by the scholarship committee.

Application forms are available by calling Genesee's Fine Arts office (585-343-0055, extension 6438) or the Financial Aid Office (585-343-0055, extension 6223).

Students who are preparing to graduate from high school and who wish to pursue study in the fine or performing arts at Genesee are encouraged to apply. Genesee Community College has offered a Theatre Arts degree for more than ten years, and recently began a Fine Arts degree program. Students are not required to enroll in these degree programs to receive a scholarship, but their academic work must include a strong artistic component.

Study in the arts prepares students for a wide variety of careers," Ms. Morrison said. "Students with arts degrees are usually excellent communicators, have strong creative skills, and know how to present ideas and concepts. We see our arts graduates becoming teachers, working in creative services fields, and leading small businesses, in addition to pursuing careers as artists or theatre professionals."

The scholarships are designed to highlight the wide variety of academic and career opportunities open to arts students, according to Ms. Morrison. "We want to encourage students in our region to consider careers in the arts," she said. "These careers are exciting, fast-growing, and very, very rewarding."