Genesee Set to Launch New Fine Arts Portfolio Course

Students enrolled in Genesee Community College's new Fine Arts degree program will be able to register for the College's new Portfolio course during the Spring 2004 semester, Director of Fine and Performing Arts Marcia K. Morrison announced today.The Portfolio course gives students the opportunity to learn how to design an artistic portfolio under the guidance of fine arts faculty members. Depending on individual student interest, a portfolio might include painted works, photographs, pictures of sculpture, or other media. At the end of the course, students will have the skills to develop a personal portfolio. The portfolio can be used to help students gain admission to baccalaureate colleges. The course carries one college credit. During the course, students also learn how to develop portfolio cover letters, assess works for inclusion in the portfolio, and design arts-oriented resumes. Fine Arts students have the opportunity to learn artistic techniques in their classroom-based courses, and many students begin compiling works for their portfolios. The Portfolio course then gives students practical skills they can use to put their portfolios together.Most Fine Arts students give a high priority to the creation of a personal portfolio. The portfolio demonstrates a student's capabilities and artistic style. Transfer colleges and employers routinely review portfolios to gain an understanding of the skills and capabilities of prospective students or employees. At Genesee, faculty members will work closely with students during the Portfolio course to help them develop the best portfolio books possible, according to Ms. Morrison.The new Fine Arts Program prepares students for an Associate in Science (A.S.) degree. Students participate in courses in design, painting, craft fundamentals, photography, and museum practice. They will also be able to choose from a wide variety of arts-related electives, including drawing, painting, computer graphics, computer art, stagecraft, theatrical design, scene design, and other special arts-related courses. The program also includes a wide variety of liberal arts courses that enable students to easily transfer to other State University of New York colleges and most private colleges as well. "We are very excited about the Portfolio course and the new Fine Arts program," Ms. Morrison said. "We are giving students the opportunity to deepen their artistic skills and prepare for transfer to other highly regarded colleges and universities. We are also building Genesee's reputation as a center for arts education in Western and Central New York."