Genesee Foundation Volunteers Exceed Campaign Goal: Genesee Receives $70,000 Matching Gift

Charles Cook of Bergen, President, Liberty Pumps and General Chair of the four-county annual campaign of the Genesee Community College Foundation announced at the wrap-up meeting for the 2002-2003 campaign that $287,361 in gifts have been raised. In the past academic year, 461 scholarships were awarded to students totaling $302,938 by the Foundation. Scholarships were funded by last year's campaign gifts and other fund raising projects.

Scholarships encourage talented students to attend Genesee and raise the level of instruction in the classroom; provide access to a higher education by worthy and deserving students in need; and encourage students to remain in the region upon graduation, thereby sustaining the local workforce.

Said Mr. Cook, "Each volunteer working on the campaign and each gift to the campaign makes a difference and contributes to the vitality of the students, the College, and the region. I am pleased and proud of this year's success."

Four years ago, the United States Department of Education awarded a grant to the College in the form of an Endowment Challenge. The purpose of this Endowment Challenge is to encourage and support the College's development of an endowment fund specifically to support students in financial need, especially those who might not otherwise be able to attend college. Within this past year's campaign, $35,000 was raised specifically for the Endowment Challenge, and for every one dollar raised, another two dollars in matching funds were received through this grant, for a total of $70,000 in matching funds.

The 2002 campaign was organized into eight divisions, each having a volunteer Chair. The campaign's Chairs were:

  • Richard Gilmartin of Batavia, class of 1982, CPA, Freed, Maxick and Battaglia: Alumni Division
  • M. Richard Dudkowski of Williamsville, Genesee Business Professor: Faculty and Staff Division
  • J. Peter Garlock of Batavia, President, Garlock Office Centre: Genesee County Division
  • Lynn E. Browne of Batavia, retired businessman and Foundation Treasurer: Leadership Division
  • Leo Marks of Dansville, retired math teacher and former supervisor, Town of Sparta: Livingston County Division
  • Marie Rice of Albion, Branch Manager, First Niagara Bank, Albion Office: Orleans County Division
  • Norbert Fuest of Darien, Manager, Morton Salt, Silver Springs and Foundation Board Vice-President: Wyoming County Division
  • Steven Maxwell of Batavia, President, Shepard, Maxwell and Hale Insurance Agency: Vendor Division

    "Our volunteers and donors show much pride and satisfaction in their support of the campaign, and are acutely aware of the impact of their generosity on our region," Mr. Cook said. "Students are attending Genesee in record numbers and the economic impact of having the College here is tremendous."

    Current Genesee Community College students and potential students may receive information on scholarships at the College web site,, through Genesee's Financial Aid office, or at any campus location.

    The Foundation's 2003-2004 campaign is already underway. Contributions may be sent to the Genesee Community College Foundation, One College Road, Batavia, NY 14020. For more information please call (585) 345-6809 or

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