'Introduction to Excel' Course Comes to Genesee Community College at Orleans

Genesee Community College will offer "Introduction to Excel 2002" at Genesee Community College at Orleans, 456 West Avenue, Albion, Fridays, October 3 through 31, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The course is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn Excel or upgrade his or her Excel skills.

Microsoft Excel is the world's most popular spreadsheet program. It allows users to track and analyze a wide variety of data, including text and numbers. Users can analyze data, perform a wide variety of mathematical and statistical functions, and produce colorful charts and graphs with Excel.

Individuals may obtain more information or register by calling 589-4936.

Most Excel users find that the software fits their personal and business needs very effectively, said Allen R. Kidder, Associate Dean. "I have seen people use the software to build budgets and track personal or business expenses, for instance," he said. "Hobbyists sometimes use spreadsheets to keep track of collectible items. Students use spreadsheets to enter and analyze statistical data. I've seen people use Excel to develop personal calendars."

The versatility of the software, produced by the Microsoft Corporation, makes it ideal for the home or office setting, Dean Kidder said. "We strongly encourage all area residents to become computer literate, and Excel is certainly one of the computer applications we recommend as highly useful," he said.