Technology Summer Camp at Genesee Serves 20 High School Students

An innovative "Careers in Technology" summer camp program at Genesee Community College attracted twenty area high school juniors and seniors between July 28 and August 31, Director of Academic Computing Programs James Bucki reported to the Board of Trustees this evening. The students came from twelve different GLOW region high schools.

The program introduced students to a variety of technology-related subjects and careers including robotics, office technology, networking, DNA fingerprinting, behavior modeling, Web development, digital arts, television production, multi-media, graphic design, project management, computer drafting, and programming.

The program - which was free to students - came about through the volunteer efforts of a number of Genesee faculty and staff members. Shawn M. Krest coordinated the program, and he was assisted by Mr. Bucki, Lynne Krest, Nick Scrapetta, Donna Sevensma, Jane A. Weston, Timothy F. Hinz, Maureen A. Leupold, Joan E. Zummo, Marina Capellino, Pam Swarts, Dennis G. Shine, Barry C. Chow, Mary Jane Heider, John J. Potera, Patrick Collette, and Jennifer L. Ross.

Students were amazed at both the technology present at Genesee's Batavia Campus and the wide variety of careers open to students with a technology background, Mr. Bucki told the Board of Trustees. "This wasn't just about computers or software applications," he said. "We wanted the students to become involved in a hands-on environment using a wide variety of technology. We wanted them to meet and work with people who have real-life experience in these areas."

Students had heard of such fields as DNA fingerprinting and robotics, according to Mr. Bucki, but they had no first-hand exposure to them. And surprisingly, many students had never been to Genesee's Batavia Campus. "Some of these students discovered that Genesee Community College would be in their future," he said.