Genesee to Offer 8 More Programs in 'Distance Learning' Format

The New York State Education Department has given approval to Genesee Community College to offer eight more academic programs in distance learning format, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Claudia Moore reported today. Fourteen of Genesee's academic programs have been previously approved for online and other forms of distance delivery, including the popular General Studies and Business Administration degree programs.

The College submitted eight additional distance learning proposals to the State University of New York and the New York State Education Department this spring. With these new program approvals, the College may now offer more than fifty percent of courses in each program using online technology and other distance learning formats.

Additional programs now offered in distance format include Alcohol and Substance Abuse (A.S.); Computer Information Systems (A.S.); Human Services (A.S. and A.A.S.); Sport Management Studies (A.S.); Fitness and Recreational Sports Management (A.A.S.); Early Childhood Education (Certificate); and Gerontology (Certificate).

Other programs of study previously offered by Genesee in distance format include Accounting (A.A.S.), Accounting (Certificate), Business Administration (A.A.S.), Business Administration (A.S.), Criminal Justice (A.A.S.), Criminal Justice (A.S.), Criminal Justice (Certificate), Economic Crime Investigation (A.S.), Entrepreneurship (Certificate), General Studies (A.S.), General Education (Certificate), Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Science (A.A.). Teacher Education Transfer (A.S.), and Teaching Assistant (Certificate).

The new program proposals were submitted as "fast track" requests following the State Education Department's "Institutional Capability Review" process, according to Dr. Moore. Under this process, completed more than a year ago, the State Education Department identified Genesee as having significant expertise and support services in distance learning. Because of the College's expertise, the State Education Department granted Genesee the right to expedited approval to offer existing academic programs in distance learning formats.

Distance learning gives students the opportunity to pursue academic degrees and certificates without attending conventional classroom courses. Students participate in online courses and discussion groups, or use videos and self-paced instructional resources to master course content. Students maintain close contact with their classmates and instructors through e-mail and other communications media. Genesee's distance courses use the same curricula as classroom courses, and they are taught by the same faculty members who teach in conventional classrooms, Dr. Moore noted.

By offering popular academic programs in distance learning formats, Genesee is able to reach out to students whose work or family commitments prevent them from attending conventional classes, according to Dr. Moore. "Technology gives us the ability to bring instruction to a broader range of students, and it gives students the ability to complete college courses from their homes," she said. "Distance learning is one of the best tools we have for expanding access to higher education."

The eight new programs now offered in distance learning format include:

• Alcohol and Substance Abuse Studies (Associate in Science degree) prepares students to work in health and human service agencies offering substance abuse and recovery programs. • Computer Information Systems (Associate in Science degree) prepares students for careers in information technology. • Human Services (Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science degrees) prepare students to work in child and youth service agencies, social service agencies, rehabilitation centers, and other human services settings. The A.S. program is especially designed for students who wish to earn bachelor's degrees, while the A.A.S. program is geared for students wishing to pursue employment immediately after graduation. • Sport Management Studies (Associate in Science degree) prepares students for careers in management and coordination of school-based athletic programs, fitness centers, sports eams, and other sports and leisure-time organizations.

• Fitness and Recreational Sports Management (Associate in Applied Science degree) repares students to work as personal or corporate trainers, therapeutic recreation specialists, or in other careers providing fitness services. • Early Childhood Education (Certificate) prepares students to work in child care centers nd human services agencies serving young children. Many pursue Human Services degrees after completing the certificate. • Gerontology (Certificate) prepares students to work in agencies serving elderly ndividuals. Many Gerontology graduates also pursue Human Services degrees. Degree programs can be completed in two years of full-time study or a longer period of part-tim study. Certificates can be completed in one year of full-time study or a longer period of part-time stuy. Individuals interested in pursuing classroom-based study or distance learning in any of these fields may call the College's Admissions Office at 585-345-6800, or visit