Genesee's 2003 Summer Session Enrollment Hits New Record

Enrollment during Genesee Community College's Summer 2003 semester has hit another new record, President Stuart Steiner reported to the Board of Trustees this evening. As of this morning, 1,166 registrations were reported for the summer session, up from the record-breaking 1,050 registrations reported one year ago today.

Deans and faculty members are reporting that students from many out-of-area colleges are attending summer courses at Genesee this year, Dr. Steiner told the Board. "Students are anxious to complete their college courses, and are making a push during the summer session to complete their course requirements," he said.

Summer enrollment is up throughout the College, according to Dr. Steiner. Eighty-eight students are pursuing summer study on a full-time basis as of today, up from the 62 students who were pursuing full-time study at this time last year. Summer registrations at the College's five Campus Centers have exceeded 250, up substantially from last year's enrollment.

Enrollment for the Fall 2003 semester will probably increase as well, Vice President for Student Services George W. Walker said. As of May 21, the College had received 1,793 applications from prospective full-time students, up 13.7% from the 1,577 applications received a year ago that date. The figures include fifty-four students from other nations who have applied for admission.

Total fall enrollment - from returning and new students - currently stands at 1,939, up 26% from the 1,539 students enrolled a year ago today. The exceptionally high 2003 enrollment number may be the result of the College's new computer-based registration system, which accelerates registration, Dr. Steiner said.

In other business this evening, the Board of Trustees:

• Heard Nominating Committee members Kenneth Dodd and Laurie Miller report the Committee's proposed slate of officers for the 2003-2004 year. The Committee will recommend the re-election of the current officers at the July annual meeting: Glenn R. Morton, Chairman; Melvin J. Wentland, Vice Chairman; and Anne M. Garlock, Secretary.

• Heard Christy Allen, a second year Teacher Education Transfer student, describe the activities of the Teacher Education Club. Formed just last year, the Club has about 80 members who are preparing for teaching careers. Club members raise funds for charity, perform community service activities, and participate in professional development activities. Last year, members raised $500 to obtain gifts for children served by the Genesee County Court Appointed Special Advocates program. Students also helped organized the Teaching: Reality and Vision symposium held at the Batavia Campus during the last academic year and sponsored an activity night for area girl scouts. "They have one a great job," Teacher Education Transfer Instructor Christine Belongia said of club embers. "I am very proud of them and I'm looking forward to the Club sponsoring even more activities next year.