Genesee Honors 41 Nursing Grads During Annual Capping and Pinning Ceremony

Forty-one graduating Nursing students were honored at Genesee Community College's twenty-sixth annual Capping and Pinning ceremony this evening. The event was held at the Batavia Campus Gymnasium at 7:30 p.m. before 600 guests.

Graduates received Genesee Nursing program pins and stripes for their nurses' caps. The fifty-two students who recently completed their first year of the College's Nursing program received their nurses' caps in recognition of their achievements.

Graduate Julia Ann Greenup (standing, right) of Rochester is awarded her Nursing pin by Frances Hoeft, Genesee Community College Professor of Nursing, during Genesee's annual Nursing Capping and Pinning ceremony on Friday evening, May 16.

The Capping and Pinning ceremony is a tradition of nursing programs throughout the United States and abroad. During the ceremony, students speak about the ideals of the nursing profession and recall the compassionate and heroic service of nursing pioneers, such as Florence Nightingale. Newly-graduated nurses and nurses in the audience also recite the Nurse's pledge.

The majority of the graduates of the Class of 2003 will be working in Western New York health care facilities, according to Betty P. Lapp, Professor and Director of the College's Nursing program. Many have already accepted positions and will begin their employment immediately after graduation.

The nursing profession is in the midst of change, said Professor Lapp. "The nurse, as a member of the health care team, must wear many hats," she said. "The nurse must be a skilled practitioner, an effective case manager, a human relations expert, and a superb organizer. The demands upon nurses are great, but so are the rewards. The stature of the nursing profession has risen considerably in recent years and nurses receive great respect for the work they do and the roles they play each day."

One thousand, three hundred eighty-seven students have graduated from Genesee's Nursing program since its first class of 15 graduated in 1971. Genesee-educated nurses serve on the staffs of all area health care organizations. "I am quick to remind the community that anyone who is ill and enters a local hospital will probably receive care from one of our graduates," Professor Lapp noted.

Genesee Community College is graduating its 32nd nursing class.

Nursing program graduates include:
Jessica Anstett -- Clarence
Sarah Bennett -- Perry
Amy Boggs -- Nunda
Linda Buckel -- Batavia
Kristine Burkhardt -- Akron
Georgann Carrubba -- Batavia
Lisa Cox -- Nunda
Lynnette Dombrowski -- Corfu
Stacey Falkowski -- Dale
Shari Fox -- Oakfield
Shawna Froebel -- Darien
Krysta Golden -- Rochester
Julia Ann Greenup -- Rochester
Kathleen Haines -- Albion
Marsha Howard -- Warsaw
Michele Johnston -- Conesus
Jill Jones -- Dansville
Valerie Kingsley -- Pavilion
Christina Lackemeyer -- Alexander
Beth Lake -- Medina
Stephanie Loranty -- Attica
Tara Majors -- Oakfield
Ian Mc Gar -- Perry
Jaclyn Minardi -- Spencerport
Kim Muoio -- Wyoming
Ann Neff -- Caledonia
Christine Pehrson -- Batavia
Caren Plimpton -- Scottsville
Christy Quaranto -- Holley
Susan Ryan -- Bliss
Tara Schiavi -- Alexander
Amber Scott -- Kent
Virginia Scott -- Kent
Cheryl Shabazz -- Albion
Maria Suuraho -- Batavia
Sharon Tamol -- Clarence
Melissa Volpe -- Batavia
Stephanie Wallace -- LeRoy
Ann Wilcox -- Corfu
Janet Williams -- Attica
Lynn Woods -- Batavia

Several students received special awards and recognition for their accomplishments in the program over the last year:

• The Award of General Excellence, bestowed on a graduate who demonstrates exemplary performance in academic work and clinical practice, was presented to Lynnette Dombrowski of Corfu.

• The Award for Clinical Nursing Proficiency, presented to a graduating nurse who excels in patient care, was awarded to Cheryl Shabazz of Albion.

• The Nursing Leadership Award is presented to a graduate in recognition of outstanding leadership and professionalism. Linda Buckel of Batavia was this year's recipient.

• A number of members of the two Nursing classes were recognized for membership in Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for junior and community college students. Graduates who belong to PTK include Sarah Bennett from Perry; Lynnette Dombrowski, Corfu; Christy Quaranto, Holley; Virginia Scott, Kent; Cheryl Shabazz, Albion; Maria Suuraho, Alexander; and Stephanie Wallace, LeRoy. First year students who belong to PTK include Tricia Davis from Bergen; Rachel Fox, Stafford; Linda Franz, Batavia; Elizabeth Fusani, Warsaw; Tatyana Golubeva, Henrietta; Jane Hackett, Wyoming; Sandy McNulty, Castile; and Laurie Ruday, Kent.

At the beginning of the Capping and Pinning ceremony, each member of the graduating class passes a lighted candle to a member of the first year class, symbolizing the passing of knowledge. First year students, in turn, present congratulatory roses to graduates.

During the ceremony, Christy Quaranto spoke about the symbolic passing of knowledge, represented by the passing of the lighted candles. Julia Greenup spoke about the history of the stripe and pin. Susan DiDomenico and Ursula Isaac, completing their first year, spoke about the history of the nurse's cap.

President Stuart Steiner extended greetings and best wishes from the College community. Rev. Kenneth Good of the East Bethany Presbyterian Church delivered the invocation and benediction.