Genesee Instructor, Dr. Warren Marcus, Named to Nationwide NASA Educational Initiative on Solar System Exploration

Dr. Warren S. Marcus, an adjunct Sociology instructor at Genesee Community College, has been selected by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to join the Solar System Ambassadors Program - a new and diverse nationwide initiative to organize community programs that will teach the public about solar system exploration. JPL, managed by the California Institute of Technology, is a lead research and development center for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). There are approximately 300 Solar System Ambassadors nationwide, and approximately fifteen throughout New York State.

NASA's Solar System Ambassadors such as Dr. Marcus come from professional, public, and private leadership roles, but what they have in common is active involvement in their local communities and a keen interest in space. Ambassadors are space enthusiasts, K-12 in-service educators, community college teachers, and others interested in providing greater service and inspiration to the community at large. Their enthusiasm for space exploration personalizes the experience of learning about our neighborhood in space, our home planet and the Universe beyond.

Solar System Ambassadors conduct presentations that communicate exciting discoveries and plans for Solar System exploration through public exhibits, classroom presentations, community service organizations, museums and library programs. Current and future JPL/NASA projects include Mars Odyssey, currently orbiting the red planet; STARDUST, on its way to catch a sample of comet dust; Genesis, currently collecting solar wind particles for return to Earth next year; Cassini, due to begin orbiting Saturn next year. Other subjects include Galileo, Outer Planets Program, Ulysses, Voyager, Mars missions, Discovery missions Deep Impact and CONTOUR, Space Infrared Telescope, Earth Missions and the Deep Space Network.

The JPL trains its community education ambassadors on-site as well as through teleconferences with NASA scientists, engineers and project team members in the interplanetary missions programs. It provides information about ongoing key discoveries, and presentation materials including the latest pictures from JPL-managed NASA spacecraft orbiting distant planets.

Dr. Warren has recently completed his Ph.D. in Social Foundations from the State of New York (SUNY) University at Buffalo.

For further information and to arrange for a Solar System Ambassador Program for your community organization contact NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador Warren S. Marcus, Ph.D., at"> or 585-343-0055 extension 6616.