Enrollment Boom at Genesee CC Expected for Spring 2003 Semester

Increases in enrollment at Genesee Community College are expected for the Spring 2003 semester-which begins Tuesday, January 21-President Stuart Steiner told the Board of Trustees at its monthly meeting this evening. Just as Fall 2002 enrollment set an all-time record for credit enrollment, the Spring semester may bring another record enrollment, Dr. Steiner said.

As of January 10, eleven days before classes begin, 2,133 full-time students had registered for classes, an increase of 18.4% over the 1,802 students who had registered for classes eleven days before the start of classes in 2002. Also as of January 10, 951 part-time students had registered, an increase of 11.4% over the 853 students who had registered a year ago. Staff members have reported that some students appear to be registering earlier than in the past, so the final increases may be somewhat lower. "But by all indications, enrollment is going to be very strong this semester," Dr. Steiner said. "We may be looking at a double-digit increase when all is said and done."

Spring enrollments at the College's five Campus Centers, located in Albion, Warsaw, Arcade, Lakeville, and Dansville, are strong. Enrollment at the College's new Dansville Center, in particular, is booming. One hundred sixty four students have already enrolled for classes there, more than double the 78 students who had enrolled for classes that Genesee offered at Dansville High School during the Spring 2002 semester.

Although the College is in the middle of the academic year, many new students will be attending Genesee during the spring semester. Six hundred fourteen students have applied for admission to full-time study as of January 2, up 13.4% from the 541 students who had applied for admission exactly one year earlier.

The College's growing reputation out of state and internationally is producing more applicants as well, Dr. Steiner said. Out-of-state applicants wishing to be admitted to full-time study totaled nineteen, up from the four out-of-state individuals who had applied a year ago. Fifty-one prospective international students have applied for admission, up 50% from the 34 prospective international students who had applied a year ago. "And we're seeing increases in international applications, despite the growing regulations and restrictions the federal government has imposed on students from abroad," the president told the Board.

One hundred twenty-three students enrolled at other colleges have applied for admission to Genesee, up 24.2% from the 99 prospective transfer students who had applied for admission last year. This is not the first year that Genesee has seen a spurt in mid-year applications from students who wish to transfer. "These are students who originally decided to attend public or private colleges outside of the area," Dr. Steiner said. "During their first semester, they often find that their college costs are higher than anticipated, that their courses of study were not what they really wanted, or that their colleges were just too big and impersonal. Then they began looking at Genesee, and found what so many others have found: that we offer a top-notch education and individual attention, all at a very affordable cost. If successful at Genesee, they can then transfer to a four-year college with junior status."

Prospective students may still enroll for the Spring semester. Academic advisement and financial aid are available. Interested individuals should call the Admissions Office at 345-6800.