“Elysium” Bringing Mount Olympus to GCC in Batavia

36th Annual Fashion Show Just a Few Weeks Away

Batavia, NY- Genesee Community College’s 36th Annual Fashion Show scheduled for Saturday, April 29, 2017 is just a few weeks away, which means more than 250 designers, seamstresses, coordinators, models, hospitality, security and refreshment experts, MC’s, photographers, videographers and product merchants are all working in high gear. This year’s show entitled, “Elysium,” is derived from Greek mythology and describes “an often imaginary place or state of utter perfection and happiness” sometimes referred to as paradise or a land where all beauty lies. 

Students are now refining their interpretations of “Elysium,” introducing different Greek gods and goddesses into the design concepts making up 14 separate, fast-moving scenes. Each scene has its own coordinator(s), models, music, merchants and of course, a fashion feast of color, fabric, style, accessories, movement, motion and sensation. The following highlights the scenes with each coordinator and supportive merchant in the upcoming Fashion Show:

Terpischore - Goddess of Dance and Chorus

Scene Coordinator: Kayla Suchanick (Fredonia, NY)


Hades & Persephone - God of the Underworld & Goddess of Spring/Underworld

Scene Coordinator: Jenna Curcio (Rochester, NY)

Stores/Designers: Windsor, Autumn Fox Creations, My Witchery, Loy Gross, Vivo Masks, Party City (Greece)


Titans - Second Generation of Divine Beings

Scene Coordinators: Dominique Hughes (Medina, NY) & Bailey Johnson (Hamlin, NY)

Stores/Designers: Kohl's (Batavia), Taylor Wilson


Chloris - Goddess of Flowers

Scene Coordinators & Designers: Naoko Hayashi (Ishikawa, Japan) & Momoka Fukatsu (Shizuoka, Japan)


Eurybia - Goddess of the Sea

Scene Coordinator & Designer: Nadine Jeffery (Batavia, NY)


Zeus - King of the Gods

Scene Coordinators & Designers: Anthony Walker (Liberia) & Luke Kondrat (Exeter, New Hampshire)


Hemera & Nyx - Goddess of Day & Goddess of Night

Scene Coordinator & Designer: Jesse Foster (Oakfield, NY)


Odysseus - Greek Mythological Hero

Scene Coordinator: Mariah Paddock (Clyde, NY)

Stores: Gitman Bros.


Maat - Goddess of Truth, Balance & Order

Scene Coordinator & Designer: Alicia Acker (Rochester, NY)


Fates/Moirai - Deities of Fate

Scene Coordinators & Designers: Min Muchler (Dansville, NY) & Seonggyung Choe (Busan, South Korea)


Nemesis - Goddess of Revenge

Scene Coordinators: Lyesha Lantz (Rochester, NY) & Daisha Spence (Raleigh, NC)

Designer: Lyesha Lantz


Apollo - God of Music

Scene Coordinator & Designer: Masato Tsunekawa (Tokyo, Japan)


Gaia - Goddess of the Earth

Scene Coordinators: Ciera Schwartz (Akron, NY) & Mary Nolan (East Aurora, NY)

Store: Francesca's Collections (Greece)


Aphrodite - Goddess of Love

Scene Coordinator: Kourtney Shearer (Mayville, NY)

Stores/Designers: M.A. Carr Bridal, Dalia's Bridal, Jill Monroe, Megan Hollister, Charles Men's Shop


“Elysium” gives students the opportunity to not only express their creativity and originality, but to tell a story. By tying together elements from Greek mythology and drawing inspiration from the lives and personalities of Greek gods and goddesses, GCC students intend to show how today’s fashion is much more than just a materialistic concept. The show will illustrate how GCC fashion students appreciate both art and history, and how aspects from different cultures are presented universally in the fashion world today.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of GCC’s annual Fashion Show, the event features two complete shows scheduled on April 29, 2017 at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. in the William W. Stuart Forum of GCC’s Batavia Campus. Tickets for the show are available for $5 in advance or $7 at the door and can be purchased by calling 585-345-6830. Advance tickets are strongly recommended.

To stay current on details and information about this year’s show and to gain an inside look at the lives of the fashion students at GCC, follow @trendygcc_ on Instagram and @trendygcc on Twitter for updates!


For more information, contact Marketing Communications Associate Director Donna Rae Sutherland at (585) 343-0055 ext. 6616, or via email: dsutherland@genesee.edu.


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